Vanishing Point Exhibition

Vanishing Point – a poet responds

1 May – mid July 2015



New Space

A new exhibition space

where once

was an old wooden

warehouse on a wharf –

 things change all the time.

 I stop to peer!


Huge plate-glass windows

bright Whitely walls

small odd-shaped common

place bits and pieces of plastic

precisely presented

carefully lit

one foot from the floor –

an attractive ‘New Wave’ frieze

at home in a sparse

modern dining room.


I might become a collector

of the small . . .

the odd.


The eye scrolls up –

large paintings of sea-birds.

Scanned into the foreground

jewellery in locked boxes

unusable beautiful objects

sculpt with sea-anemone

fragility in mind.


I was having trouble

‘reading’ what I was seeing.

I needed to get in

behind the glass wall.

Two scans and I was in

a science precinct!

I automatically snap

into analytic mode.


Words on the wall enlighten.


The illuminated

square of circles

become what they

originally are –

Petrie dishes

whose squalid contents

sicken heart and mind.


Art and Science


to make statements?

Am I in a Confessional?

Does all the guilt

which belongs naturally

to synthetics

raise its head here

asking forgiveness?

“We know not . . .”


Is the art of beauty

to be used as a vehicle

to continue old practices?

Or does it signify

less certainty?


Do I perceive

tentacles of redemption?


I find myself


for the motive

at play here . . .

da da da dum


That augurs well!


Watch this space!



Pauline Bindoff

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