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About Lynchpin

Lynchpin – the Ocean Project was developed to offer support to young ocean scientists researching the significance of the ocean to life on the planet, and to encourage arts/ocean science conversations and collaborations that may help bring ocean stories to the wider community in new ways.

Follow ex Oceano – The Making of a Symphony 2013/14 Lynchpin project; CD Booklet available here: exOceanoBookletwebformat

View Forests of the Sea – the animation 2012 Lynchpin project.

For earlier collaborations by year, see drop down menu under Our Projects. Check the Blog for new items of science and arts interest.

Meet our Patron:  Nigel Helyer aka Dr Sonique

Lynchpin Coordinator:  Sue Anderson

Lynchpin – encouraging arts/ocean science conversations and collaborations 

promoting ocean research


What we do

  • The Science
  • Arts Response
  • Scholarships

The Science

Oceans cover 70% of the planet’s surface and are constantly at work moderating and balancing the biosphere in ways that allow all life to flourish – critical ways we are only just beginning to understand.