2017 Lynchpin Residency

Lynchpin’s conversation piece for 2017 – Jenny Pollak visits Hobart for a Lynchpin Residency for four to six weeks, from the end of February.

As Lynchpin Coordinator, Jenny Pollak’s work is of particular closeness to me;  her marvellous installation work The Immortals shown at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney, 4th September – 25th October 2015, was brought to my notice by Lisa Roberts of Living Data, with whom Lynchpin has had a fundamental relationship over the years, as we’ve explored ways of encouraging conversations and collaborations that bring Ocean science to the community in new ways.  Lisa rightly thought that The Immortals would resonate with me, for in many ways the epic poem at the base of this work, echoed and affirmed the intent of the symphony ex Oceanoour 2012-15 project – recorded and released at just the time The Immortals was shown.

Please visit Jenny’s website and take time to understand something of the integrity and deep listening expressed in her work – in particular The Immortals, A Brief History of Time and One Degree of Separation.

Jenny Pollak: news-galleries

This time allows for exploration and a conversation about music, image, poetry and more.