Living Data – Evolving Conversations Exhibition

Evolving Conversations: University of Technology, Sydney,  Main Entrance Foyer, 3 Sept – 20 Nov 2014

And within the Ultimo Science Festival, Sydney 3-12 Sept 2014

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the East to the West, over 30 scientists and artists cross the globe in conversations about sustaining life and minimising harmful human impacts.

Although science is a universal global language it requires embodied languages of the arts to bring to life the observations, data and stories that are vital to understanding and stirring action. Through such programs as Cape Farewell, Sur Polar, Lynchpin and Living Data, a global community is evolving, of researchers sharing practices to visualise, understand and act in response to major forces of change.

Highlights of Sydney’s Living Data exhibition include video works inspired by expeditions to the poles: “Pregnant Walk” by David Buckland, of a gravid naked woman walking on ice towards an unknown future; “New Species” by Andrea Juan, envisaging future mutant giant algae; “Oceanic Living Data” by Lisa Roberts, combining key data of sea levels rising and underwater video with a motion captured Chinese calligraphic form for “Ocean”. Central to the exhibition is a UTS living laboratory of algae for developing sustainable biofuel. The exhibition also features drawings, photos, sculptures and sound art, as well as related science ‘kit’ and publications issuing from art-science collaborations.

Explore the Evolving Conversations website to learn about the artists and scientists involved in this international conversation.

Nicholas Roden’s promotional film about Matthew Dewey’s not yet released second symphony, ex Oceano, will screen as part of the exhibition.


David Buckland
‘Pregnant Walk’. Video. 2009 5.52min
Sound: Bearded Seals and Wind.

David Buckland is a Lens Based Artist, Video Director/Producer, Theatre Designer, Curator, Writer, Creator/Director of Cape Farewell. Bringing artists, visionaries, scientists and educators together, Cape Farewell continues to build an international collective awareness and the cultural response to climate disruption. Over 140 artists have created operas, films, artworks, pop music and novels which address the climate challenge and through the process of making art, vision a sustainable and exciting cultural future.