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The sphere of Sisyphus made of 1500 empty water bottles, created by Lorraine Beaulieu on the island of Hydra, in the space above the water cistern. Then it rolled in the streets of the island, accepted the first autumn rain at the port, passed the Saronic Gulf and end up next to the watercourse of Ilissos River. From there, after rolling in the streets of Athens, under the Acropolis included in the exhibition “Ask the Flask”. Duration of the exhibition: 9 – 13 September 2014.



The performance “Sisyphus and the water concern” conducted in two parts. The first part took place in Hydra and the second part in Athens. With these two performances, Lorraine Beaulieu refers not only to the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, but also wishes to share with the public her desire to refuse to accept death and the absurdity of our world.

Cultural identity and man’s relation with his environment has inspired Lorraine Beaulieu. She uses very common material mainly from recycling and creates her work so that she can produce digital images, installations, sculptures and participative interventions.

She wishes to help in informing people about the high risk situation we are already in. She wishes to inform people about the international collective vision concerning basic environmental issues, such as portable water and access to it as well as other pollution problems.