Response to rapidly changing climate

Response to rapidly changing climate – deflect, distract, deny and delay

Saturday 13 August 2016 12:20PM


Bob Beale has been writing on science and the environment since he worked as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald. Here he reflects on the lack of concern and the lack of real action in dealing with a world he sees as crumbling. What does Earth need to do to get our attention, Bob Beale asks. He lists massive changes seen around Australia’s coastline in just the past 6 months. Records are being broken all over the world with 2015 the hottest year, eclipsing the previous hottest 2014. 2016 is shaping up as being hotter again. Much of the extra heat is absorbed by the oceans which too are warming sending aquatic species towards the poles. Where is the urgency? Where is the action? The political solution says Bob Beale is to deflect, distract, deny and delay.