CLIMARTE: addressing climate change through art

The Age:  25th April

Climate change and its effect on the world’s many ecosystems is arguably today’s greatest collective challenge. No longer in the singular domain of the scientist or environmentalist, we are each, to a greater or lesser extent, implicated in the impacts of climatic changes.

As we begin to accept responsibility for our role in the era of the recently defined ‘anthropocene’ it is more valuable to shift the focus positively towards meaningful human values than to advocate for modest changes to established behaviour.

Art has the unique capacity to stimulate individuals both intellectually and emotionally, and to engender the personal and collective revelation needed in the face of overwhelming statistics, news reports and political discourse. As we grapple with our increasingly forlorn and conflicted relationship to nature, art offers enlightening experiences that have the potential to re-energise and re-orientate our relationship to the natural world.

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