Daniel Morden is a professional storyteller. At the Sydney writers’ festival this week Morden gave the opening address.

This little story struck a cord – it is about Truth and raises ideas about the role of the arts in telling stories about climate change:  over and over in different ways.

Truth went to town.
Truth walked naked through the streets.
Truth tried to share with everyone what she knew,
but everyone turned away.
Truth began to hide in the shadows.


Another stranger came to town,
dressed in fine clothes.
Everyone gathered around.
Truth watched as the stranger told them what he knew.


Truth called to the stranger
“Why is it that they will listen to you and not to me?
Who are you?”


The stranger said “I am Story.
People can’t take the naked truth.  Here…..”
And the stranger reached into his bag and
pulled out another suit of clothes.


Truth put them on, stepped out of the shadows
and immediately a crowd gathered around her.
And ever since then Truth has travelled in the clothes of Story.

Hear Morden expand on the art and role of storytelling.