Climate change is a complex and intimidating threat. Scientists working in the field are not robots. These scientists are mothers, fathers, grandparents, daughters. They are real people. And they’re concerned.

Please visit these excellent sites and take time to read the comments of scientists and researchers that understand climate change.

Click here: What follows are the words of scientists  –  See how they respond to the question:  How do you feel about Climate Change?

Read also the comments of

the Climate Change and Environmental Threats Reference Group (CCRG)

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is the premier professional association for psychologists in Australia, representing more than 22,000 members.

The APS has a Climate Change and Environmental Threats Reference Group (CCRG) comprised of psychological experts in environmental and social psychology.

Australian Psychological Society Pop-up Exhibition: 

A selection of ITHYF letters were shown during the APS annual conference at the Gold Coast in October 2015. A number of psychologists were invited to pen their own letters. Talking about how we feel about climate change is an important part of being able to properly accept the reality of the threat and then be able to do something about it.