ex Oceano – the film promotion or ‘taster’!

ex Oceano  –

we are from the ocean  – the ocean sustains us

Matthew Dewey Symphony No 2, 2013

Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Prague


Those who have been following this year’s project, will know that ex Oceano  is a collaborative expression between disciplines and understandings. Over the last eighteen months, Ocean researchers expressed their science to a composer. The composer expressed that science back to them in sound – through the making of a symphony – generating a different experience of ocean science and highlighting the ways in which we are from the ocean  – and the ocean sustains us.

In this collaboration, Composer Matthew Dewey, worked with Nick Roden and Robert Johnson, PhD candidates at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania.

The Lynchpin Arts-Ocean Science program is supported by the Bookend Trust. On 5th December, the Trust holds its annual presentation night. Towards the end of the evening, the Lynchpin scholars will present a short film promotion, or “taster”, that introduces the work ex Oceano preparatory to its release on CD and iTunes in 2014.

We invite you to come along to have a taste! – and also to gain an overview of some of the exciting initiatives happening in science and environmental education in the State and beyond.

The Bookend Trust presentations will show footage and photos introducing the many students involved in its projects during 2013 – from Thailand to Antarctica! – and will also outline some of the big plans for 2014.

Bookend invitation download at:



7pm 5th December 2013

Stanley Burbury Theatre

UTAS, Churchill Avenue, Hobart.

RSVP for space: info@bookendtrust.com