Stung – On jellyfish blooms and the future of the oceans: University of Chicago Press

Lisa-ann Gershwin is at Marine and Atmospheric Research, CSIRO, Hobart TAS, and is Director, Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Services.


Ecosystem models don’t consider jellyfish. Lisa-ann Gershwin suggests the world’s oceans have passed a silent but significant tipping point. They are on their way to a different state, where all manner of algae and jellyfish are abundant, in place of the diverse life which has existed for so long.  Hear Lisa-ann Gershwin talk about her findings and what they tell us about our need to ADAPT : The Science Show, Radio National.

They’re Taking Over!

Read Prof Tim Flannery‘s excellent review of Lisa-ann’s book in The New York Review of Books : SEPTEMBER 26, 2013