from Sceptical Science: getting sceptical about global warming scepticism


…. despite the fact that not all marine calcifiers are directly harmed by acidification and we don’t know exactly how bad this might turn out, enough key species are threatened (coral reefs for example) that business-as-usual fossil fuel use poses a significant threat to our way of life. The oceans have seen an increase in acidification of close to 30% since pre-industral times, and are probably now on course to acidify faster than they have in the last 300 million years (Caldeira & Wickett [2003]Honisch [2012]Zeebe [2012]). Given that emerging research is linking previous slower rates of ocean acidification with some of the major extinction events in Earth’s history (Kump [2009]Payne & Clapham [2012]Hinjosa [2012]), now might be a good time to get serious about ocean acidification. Better late than never.

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