Forests of the Sea

Lynchpin hosts Lewa Pert’s film Forests of the Seafeaturing the work of Dutch artist, Malou Zuidema, for the Hobart City Council’s Urban Box Project.  Lewa’s Giant Kelp Honours research at IMAS during 2011 underpins her film of this Community Arts Project as a way of drawing attention to the ecological significance of, and changes to, the kelp forests off the East Coast of Tasmania.  For more information go to Current Students.

During the year Lewa interviewed and filmed artist Karin Beaumont as she spoke about her work and the exhibition Latitude, a collaborative project with Aboriginal artist Vickie West – again highlighting the story of kelp and its significance;  Lewa also filmed at the Animating Change Arts Science Forum as part of National Science week in Sydney. Visit Living Data to see footage from the Forum.

Sincere thanks to Lewa for an enormous voluntary contribution toward telling ocean stories as she leaves Hobart to begin a new life in Sydney.