Steb Fisher throws down the challenge.

Fisher was a former Physical Chemist at Oxford, has worked at the Harvard Business School and now lectures in Environmental matters at Monash University.


We have “wounded” the planet in a thousand ways. It will never return to what it was, but we can give it space for its ecosystems to recover and flourish – we can give it space and time to heal.

This is a trajectory we can change – if we choose to. But studies show only 8-9% of us are committed to environmental – or even education matters.

To preserve biodiversity and to heal and rejuvenate our ecosystems means acting on science based understanding of how the planet works. 

Steb Fisher suggests that none of this can happen unless we, humanity, agree to work together and acknowledge our connection with life and with each other which comes when we see and accept reality exactly as it is.

Ockham’s Razor, Sunday 29 May 2016 7:45AM (view full episode)