Living Data – Align


In her latest animation, Lisa Roberts has brought together scientific data from Sydney Harbour and Antarctica – phytoplankton (microscopic plants) that produce every second molecule of oxygen we breathe; Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) that stir up nutrients in the ocean to replenish new life; and models the Circumpolar Current of Antarctica that drives global climate change from the South. Lisa says: Expressions of connection are lines that trace the primal forms of circling, spiralling and crossing, identified in data and gestures that describe natural systems. Data and gestures are drawn from life, photographed and traced. Animation is used to align the primal forms, to express an ancient choreography that sustains the living world.

Data: University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Life Sciences;  Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) Krill Biology

Watch Align and hear strains from ex Oceano support the work.


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