ANTARCTICA – a new musical!

World Premiere, Hobart – Theatre Royal Hobart, 29 October-12 November 2016

Dana Michelle Bergstrom, Scientist and Writer

Dugald McLaren, Music and Lyrics and Puppetry

A musical about Antarctica with the intention of improving the protection of Antarctica.  “The logic being, if a place was in people’s hearts, they would care for it even if they never got to visit it themselves”.


ANTARCTICA is a must!  Please go and be involved with this really special production – the team bring together a lively, believable, poignant and very human performance with special puppetry to bring us the wildlife of Antarctica.  As Bergstrom writes:

” We hope that you are moved by our story, our music, our collective vision and that Antarctica, both the musical and the continent find a place in your heart.”

Congratulations on a great effort!  – please go along, there are a few nights more this week!

Please also support  Pure Antarctic:  and consider helping to communicate the importance of science to our world.