The Ocean Inside

Canadian Artist Eveline Kolijn, friend of Lynchpin for some years now, presents new work along familiar themes: The Ocean Inside.

We are Water : view promotional material

Arts Commons Presents
Ledge Gallery, Calgary

Arts Commons Presents The Ocean Inside, an installation of printmaking and sculpture that explores nature, water, and our biosphere in The Ledge Gallery by Calgary-based artist Eveline Kolijn.

The Ocean Inside uses synthetic materials to express forms and patterns found in nature, and our society’s relationship with it. By creating and visualizing an iconographic, interconnected web of life, abstract concepts such as climate change or pollution are transformed into a singular, personal experience.

“I grew up in the Caribbean, frequently submersed in water, observing sea life,” says Kolijn. “I invite the viewer to move between my Ocean Veil and merge with the projected seascapes that are reflecting on, or passing through a web of plankton.”

“We are Water. We Breathe the Ocean. I Print the Ocean.”