Introducing work by Jenny Pollak

Lynchpin welcomes you to the work of Jenny Pollak, visual artist and poet, through her recently launched and expanded new website . Please spend some time exploring the rich variety, depth and integrity of Jenny’s work:  click here

Particularly welcome are the new meditative video works that are evolving from a Lynchpin Residency offered Jenny in 2017.

The Lynchpin program was developed to support the peer reviewed research of climate change as it applies to the Ocean and to encourage arts/ocean science conversations and collaborations that bring this vital science story to the community in new ways.

The symphony ex Oceano, commissioned in 2012 and released in 2014,  brought together different disciplines and understandings  to present a story that underpins all life, in symphonic form. The intent was  symphonic performance but also to open the possibility of interpretive and interactive collaboration/film/arts expression using footage and sound gathered during the three year generative period.

In the works Jenny presents here, she begins to explore aspects of juxtaposing reflections of the pulse of humanity and life alongside  the changes we are noting in the Ocean – for instance the steady melting of the polar ice and our journey into the Anthropocene as we learn that “. . .  the ocean has changed more rapidly in the past thirty years than in all of human history” , Prof Callum Roberts, Environment Department, University of York, UK – a situation “conducted” by humanity itself.

Dancing with Infinity


The Fugitive Soul