Living Data – Iteration

This iteration of Living Data combines the animation presented at the 2012 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, with music by VOA (Benn DeMole & Catriona Davies). The original music was composed for Oceanic Sydney and performed with dancers Caterina Mocciola & Ashley Macqueen.

The title reflects the thought that we can affect change in our environment according to how we relate to it. The animation visualises relationships known to exist between us and other living things. The music embodies the sensory responses of two musicians to the animation, and reflects the sensory response of scientist Steve Nicol. In answer to their question, How do krill sound? Steve suggested that “krill swarms must sound like billions of small mandibles breaking small pieces of glass – diatom shells are made up of silica”. (In Email conversation with Lisa Roberts, Tue, 18 Sep 2012).
Story by Lisa Roberts (Living Data) with Sue Anderson (Lynchpin) and Steve Nichols (University of Tasmania).