Photosynthesis – Art from Science at the Muse

For your diary:

As part of the Ultimo Science Festival

When:   12–21 September, 10am to 5pm

Where:  The Muse Gallery, Ultimo TAFE, 651-731 Harris St, Ultimo

Photosynthesis – Art from Science at the Muse: read more

A dramatic art exhibition inspired by climate science.

See through icy veils of mesh as art and data come together to create past, present and future forms of life. Wonder at physical and virtual models of life forms as they evolve. Discover your genetic ancestors in the algae that photosynthesise light to make the energy that sustains us – and much more.

The program is the second such initiative from Living Data leader, Dr Lisa Roberts.

Lynchpin is linked to Living Data and we are happy to announce that Forests of the Sea, the animation and the film’s artist, Malou Zuidema, will be part of this year’s Muse exhibition program.