Eveline Kolijn  |  METABOLISM 


This exhibition presents new work that resulted from two residencies, one in the Vorres Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece in 2015 and a lung cancer research laboratory at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in 2013.
the binding theme is that of Metabolism – in our body and in our society.  the metabolism in our bodies is powered by our breath and dependent on healthy lungs.  the air we breathe is also affected by how our society interacts with nature.

The iconography in the print Metabolic Rift references the contemporary art collection of the Vorres Museum and classical ornaments found in the garden of the museum grounds.  Karl Marx first used the term “metabolic rift” to explain the crack or rift that capitalism has created between social and natural systems; humans and nature.  this rift leads to the exploitation of the environment and ecological crisis.  Marx argued that humans are all part of nature and he saw social societies as an organism with a metabolism similar to that of humans.


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