Project Support:

The Lynchpin arts/ocean science program is made possible by

the Dr RAF Murdoch Trust.

Bookend Trust

Lynchpin is one of a diverse range of projects supported by the Bookend Trust.

Bookend is funded through the time, energy and donations of private individuals concerned about building positive and co-operative environmental futures for our students and the community.

Bookend welcomes the feedback, ideas and support of those prepared to be involved.




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Learn about the dynamic program Expedition Class



Lynchpin thanks Redmap for support for the stop-motion Lynchpin Project 1 for 20122.  Read more at 2012 Scholarships.

Redmap is the interactive program that invites the Tasmanian community to spot, log and map marine species that are uncommon in Tasmania, or along particular parts of the coast. The information collected is mapped and displayed on the site, to demonstrate over time, how species distribution may be changing.

Learn more about species shift and the new sea-life moving south with the East Australian Current and tracked by Redmap supporters at ABC News, 9 March, 2012.



Lynchpin would like to thank the following people and businesses for their enthusiasm, expert services and unfailing support:

Sarah Owen Designs

Sincere thanks so Sarah Owen for what have now been years of sympathetic collaboration and creative design on plankton and ocean projects;  and to Jenny Manners who slipped so easily and comfortably into Sarah’s shoes when Sarah’s creative skills went to Switzerland!  Happy Lynchpin that the supportive liaison with Sarah Owen Designs goes on.

Ionata Web Design, Hobart

Thanks also to Ionata Web Design for willing and creative website support.